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The Democrats have been in power for 6 years now,miles 2
and most of you voted for them.

So how’s that Democrat thing working for you?

* Is landing that good job in your chosen field seeming unlikely?

 * Is moving back in with your parents a real possibility?

                             * Is standing in line for your government benefits,                                                                         with everyone else, all you have to look forward to?

Maybe it’s time to consider the Conservatives.

They’re pro-business which means more jobs for you and your friends.



fem eth png We all used to think that Conservatives  were racists, extremists and hated the poor …    

but it just ain’t so.  Just look past the labels, and examine the facts about the accusations of racism, extremism and hating the poor.

You been played the fool, fool.

Many of you have believed this nonsense because the Democrats are really good at playing politics, and using personal attacks to get votes.  They do this to avoid any honest discussion of the core issues. See our discussion of Democrat’s Marxist tactics. 



                                       They’re spending your money.               mil blondie png2

The Democrat’s deficit spending is creating a huge national debt that you and future generations will have to pay (your share is already over $55,000).

As interest payments grow along with the debt itself, the government will be less able to do what you think is important in the future, like helping the truly needy, defending our borders, and addressing natural disasters.



cartoon bitchYou Got to Be Smart to Get This.

Liberalism is a one-step thought process, while Conservatism takes at least two steps to understand. A Liberal gives money to the street beggar (“because he is hungry”) while the Conservatives believes that giving him money will only encourage him to continue begging, and will show others that begging is a viable lifestyle.

Smart thinking is about looking past the bare labels and personal attacks, and focusing on underlying realities and the substantive discussion of issues. Can you tell the difference?     

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