Aren’t the Conservatives Extremists?

This question has everything to do with deficit spending and the national debt.

The charge of “extremist” almost always appears in the context of spending and cuts.
The conservatives want to avoid a future debt crisis by balancing annual budgets
and paying down the national debt.Chicken Liberal

If you like the idea of a debt-free future, you are an extremist in today’s Washington, where deficit spending is so accepted, it is just plain crazy to suggest otherwise.

To fit in, you must spend like a drunken sailor with someone else’s credit card.

The lunatics are running the asylum. In this case, it’s good to be an extremist.

patriotGovernment Shutdowns and Filibusters.

The Democrats and the media told you that Ted Cruz was extremist for his filibuster in opposition to raising the debt limit. That was his effort to limit the debt your generation will have to pay. Ted Cruz is your friend.

The Democrats and the media also told you that the Republicans were hijacked by the extremist Tea Party when they forced the 2013 government shutdown in a spending showdown. If you are worried about spending and the debt, those Republicans are your  friends as well.

Next time a big fight emerges over spending and the debt, remember who your friends are.

If you don’t make the debt a political issue, it won’t be, and you’ll pay for it.

The reason so many politicians do nothing about the debt is that they can get more votes (to sustain their power) by spending and giving away money.  Help yourself and save your future.