Hey Dude , They Are Spending Your Money

but what about


 It’s your money they’re spending because it’s creating

    a debt that you and future generations will have to pay back.



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For many years the federal government has spent more than it takes in: so-called “deficit spending.” 

The government borrows this money and over time, these annual deficits accumulate into to the “National Debt.” As the debt grows, the interest on that debt grows as well

Even if Congress could “balance the budget” (spend no more than revenue), interest is due on the remaining ongoing debt.

Since Obama took office, the national debt has doubled to over $17 Trillion.  Each  citizen’s share of the National Debt is now about $55,000 and interest on the debt now consumes 6% of our budget.


It’s Going to Get Really Bad, Really Soon.

With every year of deficit spending, the national debt grows, and the interest on that debt consumes more and more of the federal budget. If we don’t change our spending habits, by 2030 there will be no federal revenue for anything beyond entitlements and interest payments on the national debt.


Stealing Millennieals’ Right to Choose.

That means no money for education, no money to fend off terrorist attacks or help flood victims, or whatever else Millennials think are vital government services.

The growing national debt is stealing millennials’ freedom to choose what their government will do with their tax dollars.


The Irony of Millennials’ Support for Democrats.

This is a growing problem, and will have agreater impact on the lives of younger people who will have a greater debt burden. The irony is that Conservatives, who tend to be older, are more concerned about the debt but have yet to be so affected by it; and millennials, who are going to bear a much bigger debt burden, seem to be less concerned.

Millennials ought not be just concerned, but mad about it.

This website discusses not just the debt, but all the stupid ways government spends and wastes your money in creating this debt.


You Know There Is a Debt Problem — So Get Smart and Do Something About It  

Most millinneals already know their own social security is in jeopardy, so they are paying FICA taxes with little hope of getting anything for it.  Millennials are the Social Security sucker generation.

Why are they not screaming about this?

Did you know that your FICA taxes pay for Social Security disability checks issued to people who can and do work?

See Disability Checks — Not Just for the Disabled.


Welcome to Consider Conservatism.

This page is a portal into this website that explains why millennials should consider voting for the Conservatives who will do something about the National Debt.

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