About the SmartCons

Hippie_Guy2Open your mind, Dude.

SmartCons, or Smart Conservatives, describe the once-Liberal young voters who made the thoughtful decision to support Conservatives. Their primary concerns are the no-growth economy and the exploding national debt. Here is the SmartCon Platform. 

 Be Smart and Come on Over.

Millennials have every reason to join the Conservative struggle, from the mountain of debt being heaped upon them to the lack of job opportunities in this no-growth economy. Even though polls show that many millennials hold Conservative views, they just can’t bring themselves to take the big leap.

Many think Conservatives are religious zealots or Rush Limbaugh zombies, that Conservatives are stupid and can’t think for themselves.  But the opposite is true.

nancy_zombie-270x300tSo just who are the unthinking zombies?

Democrats are more like zombies. They walk in lockstep, with no open debate, just blind faith in (or fear of) a very political administration. Their minds are so closed that they don’t even listen to Conservative voices, especially on college campuses. On the issues of the day, the same centrally-distributed “talking points” are repeated by anyone who can get in front of a microphone.

On the Right, there is open discussion about party policy and the size and scope of government  — there is actually a fight over the soul of the GOP itself between the establishment Republicans and the so-called Tea Party activists. There is more free thinking and discussion on the Right.

We Had to Think to Get Here.

dont-listen-to-rush2It was cool to support the first Black president, and we knew it was racist to be a Republican, until we really thought about it.

We all had a moment of revelation that brought us to the Conservative side, like when we saw respected Black Conservatives, and when we could not find a good job right out of school, the chatter about over-regulation slowing business growth started to make sense.

Those insightful moments are the guts of www.considerconservatism.com, where all observations are based on true news stories and real life experiences.

It was not easy. To cross over to the Conservative side, we had to question things we had long believed, but it all became clear when we looked past the accusations and labels made by the Left, and  looked directly at the underlying facts, especially with things like Conservatives being racists.

emile  -useful png
 Can you open your mind and see through the labels?  

Are you Smart enough to distinguish conclusions from the underlying facts?


ethnic speaking


You’ve got to be smart to focus on facts and realities instead of emotions.  It might strain your brain, but you got to keep your eye on the prize — better jobs now and less debt burden later.

Our Current Cast of Characters.

When you see a person or an icon, the adjacent text reflect its point of view. The first four are the voice of millennials, some are already SmartCons, and some are thinking about it.



Our icons represent opinions and observations of real people — based on facts, the news and real life stories.

Its the Economist StupidThe Economist, commenting and enlightening us on the subject of economics. The Landlord, with low-income property.landlord
 The managerFast Food manager, who hires and manages low income people. Helicopter_smallRepresenting the conspiracy theorist, the kinds of things you would hear from Glenn Beck.
A freedom loving American.Hippie_Guy2 Marxist Tactician Marxist Tactician.  Explains the art of manipulating the public to vote for Leftist candidates, even when they don’t have Leftist views.   He appears on several issue pages and has his own page that will delight and enlighten you.
 patriotA rather enthusiastic Conservative activist. Trans ElephantOur iconic mascot.
Chicken Liberal
Chicken Liberal, who loves spending OPM (other people’s money).

reality check r1Since most everything on the web, and taught in the universities has some element of bias, we ask you to consult the person you most trust, yourself. We utilize reality checks to elicit your own experiences, observations and opinions. If you isolate what you personally know and feel from what you have been told, you might find common ground with the SmartCons.

All artwork is original (paid for) and owned by ConsiderConservativatism.com and its owners. All rights are reserved, but permission will be granted to those furthering the Conservative cause.  Any likeness to a real individual is purely coinsidental and any statements or opinions in this website should be to construed as the interpretation and opinion of the editors.

This is not an authoritative website — it is solely based on opinion, interpretation and analysis — presenting issues and views for millennials to consider. This site is partisan and the links reflect that. You are encouraged to do your own research of these issues — you are on the Web and knowledge is just a few clicks away.

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