” WTF Can I Do About the Debt?”

ethnic speaking If you don’t make the debt a political issue,

it won’t be, and you’ll pay for it.

The reason so many politicians do nothing about the debt is that they can get more votes (to sustain their power) by spending and giving away money…

… your money and your future …

… if you want to help yourself and your future, let elected officials know that the debt matters to you, and only support politicians who make that issue a priority.

Our Facebook Campaign

Facebook give us the ability to target age group and political subdivision.   We would like to advertise this site to every millennial who will be voting in the close U.S House and Senate races.  If you would like contribute to this effort for you own congressional district or state, contact us.

Your Personal Action Plan

1.  Social Media: To make it fun, we will provide graphics, and sometimes videos.miles 2

2.  Support only candidates that are debt-adverse, not just in words, but in deed. This usually means Republicans over Democrats, and Conservatives (including the Tea Party) over establishment Republicans. 

3.  Put the phone numbers and email addresses of your U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators in your smart phone — call them on a regular basis, particularly when budgets and raising the debt limit are in the news. It takes less than a minute.

Tell the staff member — say “I am a voter in your district/state, and I am concerned about the debt.” Tell your friends to do the same.

4. Look at every political issue through the “debt lens.”  For example, what is the open door policies for immigrant children going to do to the debt, and what is the cost of President Obama and his wife taking separate jets (and separate security details) when they go on vacation?

5.  Support legislation that stops automatic  increases in the budget, and requires periodic assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of all federal programs and departments, with an eye on eliminating duplicative services.

6.  When you hear about budget “extremists” who filibuster or “shut down” the government over the budget, or the “debt ceiling,” remember that you will benefit later from budget cuts today, and will be able to help those who really need help, who will get nothing when we run out of money.

7.  Don’t be preachy, but when your friends talk about those crazy Conservatives, mention the exploding debt and how it will eventually bite them in the butt.

8  Most important: spread the word, however you can, to young people who would like a better job and future, who are looking for how to get there.  They need a simply explanation of why democratic spending and policies will adversely affecting their lives today, and their future.

Remember, the budget hawks are your friends.