Television: Each phrase (designated by commas and periods) to be read by a different person, including speakers of different ages and colors, and levels of fame, who embrace Tea Party principles.

In Print: (low costs using college newspapers, or small posters around campus.) Similar copy (below) , but with the faces of speakers described above, l printed in the perimeter of the  showing different colors and ages.


We are the Tea Party, and we know you have heard some pretty terrible things about us,

Like that we are racists or extremists and we would like to set the record straight.

First we believe in small government that spends less, because government has proven itself time and time again, not to be very good or efficient at doing anything.

And the money does not always go where it is supposed to.

We are particularly concerned about the growing national debt, that has nearly doubled in the past 8 years to about 17 trillion dollars.

[show graph of growing national debt]

Young people should be particularly concerned about this growing debt.  While people in their 40s and 50s and older will probably get their Social Security and Medicare,

As the debt continues to grow, there will be no money left for young people’s benefits, or whatever else they want government to do.

The Tea Party is fighting more than anyone to put a stop to this growing debt, and that is good for the country, and good for the future of young people.

We don’t think saving your financial future is extreme — do you?


Now as far as this charge that we are racist, that is just not true.

The Tea Party embraces all those who support these principles regardless of race.

And regardless of their race, we will fight and oppose anyone who, wants to spend away the future.

It’s your debt — and the Tea Party is your best hope to do something about it.

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