Aren’t Conservatives Racists?

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Of Course Not.

Conservatives openly embrace anyone of any color, who agrees and advocates for the principles of fiscal responsibility, small government, and low taxes. At Conservative events, you will almost always find ethnic faces on stage.

Some of our faves: Allen West, Tim Scott, J.C. Watts, Professor Thomas Sowell, Marco Rubio, Daniel Borelli, Star Jones, Dr. Ben Carson, Walter Williams, and who can forget Herman Cain who many conservatives supported for president.

BTW, Thomas Sowell. has written lots of books speaking about conservative principles in accessible terms. Look for his videos on YouTube.

If you didn’t already know, Rush Limbaugh’s long-time call screener, “Bo Snerdly” is African American.

It All Depends On Your Definition of “Racism.”

  Is it racist to oppose affirmative action?

Is it racist to cut entitlements (using race-neutral criteria), because
  higher percentage of minorities depend on them (a “disparate impact” argument)?

                                      Is it racist to criticize President Obama for his handling of the debt
                                          and the economy?

                                                               What do you think?


millie as saintBE SMART: To discover the truth about any person or group, you need to look at what they themselves say and not what their opponents say about them. Of course, political advocates will say bad things about one’s opposition, the truth be damned.


But There Are Some Racist Conservatives! 

Probably so, but nobody can stop others from supporting their cause and candidates. Just like commies and trial lawyers vote for Democrats.  For all major Conservative groups (including the SmartCons), racist policies will never be on the platform and self-proclaimed racists will have to sit in the back of the bus. 

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