Are You Really a Conservative?

While younger voters tend to vote for the Democrats, when presented with real life situations, many “Liberals” actually have Conservative views, and these questions are designed to show just that.

1. You own a small business and it is growing so fast, you are not sure how to manage it, so you decide to hire a consultant.

a.  Assuming they were both available and would charge the same fee, who would you choose:
     Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

b. Would your answer change if you would never personally meet either of them, and instead would
work only with their staff? (That means no selfies with Barry.)

2.  Your daughter has a rare medical ailment and your doctor tells you she needs a special surgery. Under your insurance plan, there are only two nearby doctors who do that surgery. Dr. Newbie fresh out of medical school, has assisted in that particular surgery 50 times, and has been chief surgeon about 15 times, with no problems. Dr. Expert has performed this surgery 1000s of times and is considered a national authority and lecturer. The out-of-pocket cost to you is the same, regardless of which doctor you use.

doc-tIn the news, it was reported that Dr. Expert was recently robbed at gunpoint in the parking garage at a surgery center, and was heard to call the muggers a really offensive racial slur.  You also know that Dr. Expert had a Black roommate in medical school who later was the best man at his wedding.

a.  Who are you gonna call?

b. Would your answer be different, if you knew you would have to cross a line of protesters (calling the doctor a Racist) to enter Dr. Expert’s office?

c. Would your answer be different if you knew that most of the protesters were actually homeless people hired by Dr. Newbie?

landlord3. You are a landlord remodeling a small apartment building, and you hire a carpenter that seems to have a club foot (or something similar) because he hobbles with each step on that foot. Nevertheless, his work is satisfactory, and you are paying him $24.00 an hour.

Over time, you get to know him and learn that he gets a monthly social security disability check, and you ask him “I am paying you good money.  What makes you think you should get that check?”  The carpenter points to his foot, insisting he is disabled.

Do you think he ought to get a government disability check?

4. You took the hard courses in college and got both a science degree and an MBA, you get a $150,000/year job in New York City, and you are fired up about living in the Big Apple.  As you plan to move, you learn about the NYC city income tax, in addition to state income taxes and high property taxes (passed on to you in your rent), and you realize you will save about  $10,000-15,000 a year in taxes if you commute every day from New Jersey (good commuter train service is available).

Your family has needs and you want to help them financially. What are you gonna do?

 5. You are helping your friend at the social security office, and while in line, your friend is catching up with an old acquaintance from the ‘hood. The old acquaintance says he is there to apply for social security disability because he was shot in the butt, and walks kinda funny now. You learn that he was shot at 2:30 a.m. on a street corner in an area of town where the police are afraid to go. If you assume he got shot in a drug trade turf war, do you think he should now get a monthly government check, Medicare and food stamps for the rest of his life?

6. When you reach retirement age, do you think that social security benefits will be there for you?   If not, what do you think should be done?

7. You are invited to a fundraising event for a non-profit child literacy project, where you pledge to make a monthly $500.00 contribution for the next 12 months. Shortly after you write your first monthly check, you see the non-profit’s director getting out of a new Lexus SUV at an expensive restaurant.

You ask a few questions, do a little research, and learn that  the non-profit pays her a $120,000 annual salary, and provides her the Lexus, an expense account and better health insurance than you have. Then you learn that she has hired her friends and relatives as tutors for the children, and they get paid a full-time salary for about 15 hours of work per week.

Chicken Liberala. Are you going to write that second check?

b. What if you learned that the non-profit got $2,000,000 in federal funding, and that the director had donated $10,000 to candidates in the current administration?

c. What if the non-profit spent $1,000,000 on books and materials from a major corporate donor to the current administration?

8. You have always taught your son about diversity and accepting people of all races and backgrounds as equals. As a preschooler, you read to him and taught him his letters and numbers and colors. He is a bright kid, but certainly not gifted. You don’t think twice when you send him off to public school for first grade.patriot 1 pmg

At the dinner table you ask him what he learned at school each day and he always says “nuttin.” After a few days of this, you start asking for details and you learn how your son is so far ahead of his fellow students that he is indeed learning nothing. He is sitting through the entire day while the other students are struggling through the alphabet he already knows. Obviously, the other kids did not have parents who taught them anything.

a. You can afford private school. What are you gonna do?

b. You always discouraged your son from aggressive behavior, and your non-aggressive
son comes home from school with a black eye.  What are you gonna do?

9.  Do you think that as a country we can continue to spend more than we take in, and at no time
in the future will our creditors demand we honor our debt and pay it back in full?

10. Do you really think that celebrities have any special knowledge of political or social issues?

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