Conservative Overview.

There are different kinds of Conservatives, but they tend to share the three general concerns set out below. If you are interested in an academic discussion of the various factions within the Conservative movement, here is an excellent “Conservatism 101″ video series.

These three concerns directly affect your current job prospects and your future:

1. The NATIONAL DEBT, where government overspending is creating a great financial burden on today’s young people and future generations.

 2. LIMITED GOVERMENT, because Big Government wastes your money,
makes it hard to do business, and robs you of your liberty. We break down the discussion into three parts.

 3. LOW TAXES, for at least two reasons: (1) because individuals will make better decisions about how their money is to be spent; and (2) high taxes (like burdensome regulations) drive away job-creators. 

The Truth About the Negatives.

The Marxist tactics of the Democratic Party have falsely labeled the conservatives as racists, extremists, and people who don’t care about the poor.

To realize the truth, you must look past the labels and onto the underlying facts of these labels and accusations. You might find other facts, but make sure they are facts — can you tell the difference?

reality check r1It’s really stupid to believe the words of one’s opposition, or accept without question their version of the facts, because one side is not likely to say anything nice about the other.

(We know this is obvious, but remember to apply it!)

 We Are Not Talking About the GOP.

Many believe that the Republican Party, per se, is not particularly Conservative, as it has not done much to control spending or contain the growth of government.

Herein lies the split in the Republican Party between the establishment Republicans (who many call RINOs, or Republicans In Name Only), and the Conservatives (including the much aligned Tea Party).

So if you really want to help yourself, you need to make the big leap to Conservatism, not the small step to the GOP.THE BIG LEAP1