Global Warming, or whatever they are calling it now.

This issue is beyond the scope of this site, but here are a few things you might want to consider:

1.  When it was discovered that there had been no “warming” for the last 15+ years, it seems suspicious that the language changed from “global warming” to “climate change,” like the movement is looking mostly to sustain itself, rather than following facts.

emile-useful-png2.  There is a political agenda to the Green Movement independent of saving the planet. It involves a shift of wealth and political power, and the disruption caused by the shift to “green power” offers an opportunity to put new people in charge.

Helicopter_smallSome say that economic disruption and political change are the primary reason the left support green issues, and their naïve green supporters are their useful idiots.

A major spokesman for this kind of change is ex-Obama appointee Van Jones: google him and watch a few of his YouTube videos — just see what he says and see if you agree or not.

 3.  The Keystone Pipeline exemplifies the often symbolic (and not substantive) nature of extreme environmentalism.  The oil is now getting to the refineries via train and truck, which may be more polluting than a pipeline.

.4. The shift to “green power” will cause a skyrocketing of the cost of energy:

Helicopter_small5.  Higher green energy costs will make us less competitive with manufacturing “ungreen” countries. Even if we could negotiate world treaties to put all countries on equal footing, that would require a world government to enforce it (some say that is the entire point )

6.  You got to love that story about the December 2013 environmentalist cruise to view the melting Antarctic ice, whose ship got stuck in (who’da thawdit)  Antarctic ice.

7.  See also Solar and Wind Energy.