Income Inequality

Sandwich-Signs_capittNo matter what income equality it creates,
                 or how unfair it seems,
        if you want businesses to invest and create jobs,
                 you got you got to let them make a profit.



The Proposals To Solve “Income Inequality” Are Nothing More Than The Same Old Same Old:

  Sandwich-Signs-soct   * To pay more than people are worth and stimulate inflation (minimum wage)?

            * To give people more reasons not to work by increasing government help?

                   *  Suppress economic growth with even more taxes?

        Might these “solutions” only make “income inequality” even worse?



Big Government Causes Income Inequality.

The more government regulates and taxes businesses, the less likely they are to invest locally and create jobs. A pro-business environment creates demand for labor and the most opportunity to escape the bottom end of the income spectrum, that is, for those that want to work for it.

reality check r1
Do you have much sympathy for those who don’t want to work for it?


Those who have been enticed to live from government largess will always be on the bottom rung of society. Because they don’t work, there can be no reward, no promotions, and no raises, except for more government money (and more job-killing taxes to pay for it.)


Billions of Dollars in the War On Poverty Without Much Success.Chicken Liberal

Hasn’t the primary result been more and more dependence on the government? Given the coming debt crisis, can we afford to continue down this path, much less expand it?  See also Entitlements.

Socialism vs. Capitalism, and the Winner is  …

Our nation began with an experiment in socialism at Jamestown, where the equal sharing of work and reward, the story goes, led to the starvation of the settlors. With no direct reward for their individual efforts, each had little incentive to work hard; but when each family got their own parcel of land to work, there was bounty and thanks to give.

Of course, the left pooh-poohs this rendition, but think about it from your own life experience:

reality check r1 Imagine 10 real people in your life, stranded on a desert island. There are enough resources to survive but it ain’t going to be easy. You decide to share the work and resources equally, and everybody gets the same amount of food regardless of how hard they work. Do you think your slacker friends/relatives are going to do their share of the work?  How long are the hard workers going to put up with doing most of the work for the same share?


Whose Better Than Us Anyway?

Given that our brand of capitalism is not perfect, what other country provides more opportunity for upward mobility? Why is it that so many from around the world have come to America for economic opportunity?


Socialism Creates Greater Income Inequality.

Socialist Robin Hood policies are often more about bringing the rich down than bringing up the poor. Under socialism, there will be a new even richer and more powerful elite, the socialist leaders who will gain their wealth and power from connections and political maneuvering, and not from producing anything of value.


 Trans ElephantSolving income inequality should be an individual effort — if individuals develop marketable skills and good work habits, they will not have an income inequality problem — they will move up, that is, in a growing economy.