Oil and Gas.

gas-pumptThe price at the pump of a gallon of gas was under 2 bucks when Obama took office. What is it now?

We are so invested in oil for transportation (car ownership, for example), that we are going to consume lots of oil and gas for years to come, some from countries that support terrorism. Isn’t it just plain stupid not to produce it ourselves?

We could become much closer to energy independence if the current administration were not be so slow to grant oil leases on federal lands. Not only is it a matter of defunding terrorists, it will also create lots of much-needed jobs, and lease payments could help reduce the national debt.

 It iHelicopter_smalls all part of Obama attempt to destroy the US economy (and maybe indirectly support Islamic terrorism.)


Read here about the stupid objections to the Keystone pipeline.

Rush Limbaugh points out: The amount of oil spilt in the Gulf in the 2010 Macondo rig failure was the equivalent of a thimbleful in a bathtub.


Trans ElephantWe are going to use the oil and gas anyway, and we have it here. Buying it on the world market only funnels money to countries that fund terrorists. Producing it here will create lots of jobs, and oil lease revenues could reduce the deficit.

Isn’t it just plain stupid not to DRILL BABY DRILL?