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To Reach Millennials, You Must Speak to Them _Newspaper

With their dim economic prospects and the looming national debt, smart millennials should be voting for the Conservatives.  One big reason they have not come to our side is that most Conservative candidates are not speaking to them.

The exception that proves the rule is Rand Paul and his father Ron Paul, who both found support with younger voters because they have  spoken to their concerns.

Conservatives too often speak only to the choir.  We talk about the Constitution and the separation of powers, and our history and our forefathers, and while our supporters cheer, the millennials really don’t care about this stuff.  We need to talk about things that matter to them.

So What Will Pique Their Interest?

*  They’ve got to be concerned about their job prospects (the no-growth economy).

*  They would all like to be part of a successful “start-up” (which regulation inhibits).

*  They are concerned about privacy and personal freedom.

*  Once they understand the magnitude of the national debt, they should be concerned.

*  What do you think they care about (or what do your studies say)?

Realize What They Will and Will Not Do 

We are not talking about those who are already on our side — the objective here is to reach those on the fence that can be convinced.

 *  If you wave a flag, they are not going to come a-runnin’.

 *  If you start talking about the Constitution, they are not particularly interested.

 *  They are not going to read a Mark Levin or Glenn Beck book.

 *  They are not going to listen to any Conservative talk radio.

 *  They might just listen to a short message that appeals to their self-interest

 (that is what this website is designed to do).

Maybe later they will do some of the above.

Learn From the Democrats

You’ve got to admit it: the Democrats are much better than us at politics.  A lot of it is dishonest, but there are some ethical tactics that we should emulate.

First, we should speak with one voice on matters we agree on.  And use the principle of repetition from different sources.

We like focusing on the national debt as an issue to attract millennials, as it is of such great importance and it is easy to raise and repeat the issue.   Send a short message to the convincible (see graphics on this page) with a place to click with another message within the limits of modern day attention spans.

Message via social media, put handbills on bulletin boards and stickers on every surface on college campuses, every bus stop enclosure, every place imaginable.

Enlist College Republicans, Tea Party groups, and any contacts you might have, to spread the message, especially to those we know who need a reason to join our side (remember: speak beyond the choir).   You might call it “Community Organizing.”   

We should be repeating this simple and important message so often that whenever millennials are part of a political discussion, they automatically say “What about the debt?”

neon debt

The Time is Now

In sales and politics, it can take a number of impressions to motivate people to begin to consider (or click through) an idea new to them.  So it will take a while to get a critical mass to look at our side and a bit longer to get to change the way they have been voting.  For 2016, the time to start is now.

In a year or so, presidential candidates and their money supporters will be spending millions of dollars going after votes.  By laying this groundwork now, there will be more votes to go for, more Conservative votes in the primaries, and ultimately more votes for the GOP — hopefully a Conservative — candidate in November.

Dealing with the Negatives 

In nearly every conversation about Conservatism, the first thing Dem-voting millennials say is that Conservatives, particularly members of the Tea Party, are racists.  That is why this website got to that issue as quickly as possible on the home page.

This, of course, is nonsense and so easy to refute, because we have so many quality people of color on our side.   We’ve got to show them that.

We have also been labeled extremist, mostly because of our views on spending.  This too is easy to address because it raises the issue of the debt.

Look through the site for advertising ideas, and take a look at this advertising copy, suitable for either print or television.

Apologies …

… to those Conservatives insulted in this website, but it was all to reach the voters that should be in our camp.

Good Luck and God Bless.