Social Security and Medicare: The Big Entitlements.

Hippie_Guy2Most of you doubt that Social Ssecurity will be there for you.

   Q: Why are you not screaming about paycheck FICA deductions? 

    A:  You are just plain suckers [Google this fools: social security sucker generations]

Oops, we forgot that, many of you don’t even have paychecks. And, that only makes things worse: Historically low employment participation means fewer people contributing to the social security fund.

This is yet another reason why you should demand pro-business policies.

 It’s the biggest debt problem of them all.

Social Security and Medicare are the biggest components of the growing National Debt: 45%  of 2012 spending went toward paying for Social Security and health care entitlements (primarily Medicare and Medicaid). And, this is all out of deficit spending, so if we had a balanced budget, with the same entitlement spending, it would be a higher percentage.

As discussed elsewhere, by 2030. after combined spending of social security, Medicare and interest payments, there will be no money in the federal budget for anything else.

It’s a big deal, and it must be dealt with, or millennials will never see a penny of it. That is why the political rhetoric coming from the Democrats is particularly shameful: They scare the vulnerable about change, even when the proposed change will not affect them.


It’s shameful and just another example of using emotions to prevent people from looking at underlying realities, to maintain political power and not have to deal with a big problem.