Spread the Word.

stamp 2We all know productive millennials should be voting for conservatives.

And since we saw no one else directly appealing to that age group, we put this web site together,  Now the question is:, can we get the message out?


Initially, we will be using Facebook advertising which allows us to target age group and state. (e.g. Iowa , ages between 18 and 28)

If you want to help promote this site in a state with a close Senate or House race, Contact Us about how to do that (100% of contributions will go to the promotion).


We will email every conservative group we can find to get their support.  If you can provide eMail addresses, please do.  Or mention us in our own mailings.


stamps miles and millieIf you are a public relations or social marketing professional and want to make suggestions or contribute your time and resources, Contact Us

Get us a mention on talk radio.

Get us listed on your conservative group’s facebook or web page.

And we are open to suggestion., Contact Us

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