The Minimum wage old

Higher minimum wage.

The conservative view is that minimum wage is for entry level work, that many new employees are barely worth even that, and that raising the minimum wage makes businesses less likely to take on new/inexperienced people – and experience shows that raising the minimum wage only increases unemployment.

The minimum wage is an emotional issue designed to depict Republicans and conservatives as heartless greedy people who don’t understand the plight of working poor. Because this kind of tactic can work, politically conevatives often must be more concerned with impression than reality, so we have to get behind something, so consider the following:

The minimum wage should reflect the fact that it is an entry level wage for unproven employees, but also that once employees prove themselves, they deserve more of a living wage — so how about a two-tiered minimum wage, with a mandatory $1.00 raise after 6 months.

Businesses would not be so upset, because a proven employee is worth a dollar more, and it might not signify a change for many business who pay to keep good employees. It also gives new employees a reason to show up on time and work hard, knowing that raise in sight.

The suggestion that the Federal minimum wage be indexed to inflation is also worthy of consideration.

Other considerations:

* This is more of a state or local issue: does it make sense to have the same minimum wage in New York City as New Orleans, where the costs of living are vastly different?

* Ghetto Landlord likes it, because he will be more able to raise his rents.

* Goodbye Dollar menu: with higher wage, consumer costs will go up.

* Hello imports: with higher wages, it will harder to be cost competitive with imports with far lower wages.


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