Bringing Millennials To Conservatism

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[This page is a special portal for Conservatives to enter our website that shows millennials why they should vote for Conservatives. ]


Millennials should voting for conservatives: their economic prospects are limited in Obama’s no-growth economy, and they will bear the brunt of the exploding National Debt.

Conservatism is in their best interest.

We all know this, but how do we reach millennials with this message?

That is the question.   This website is the answer.

It is designed to appeal to young people with their smartphone attention spans. All points are made in bite sized pieces.  Our sidebar menu allows quick access to issues they care about.

We avoid subjects millennials find boring, and appeal to their self interest.  We developed custom characters drawn in the style of a MTV cartoon.   Original relevant cartoons.  And a way cool mascot.

 How to use this Website.

Take a look around the website: See if you like it.

Refer this website to friends and family that need to be shown the way.  Ask your conservative friends to do the same.

This website provides “taking points” to use in personal discussions.

Make all points personal, like “your generation will have to pay the interest on the growing national debt,” and that the “Democrat’s policies are why you can’t find a good job.”

Avoid talking about the Constitution, our founding fathers, and the like: sad to say, but those who need to be convinced are just not interested in that stuff, not yet anyway.

Spread the Word

We will be using Facebook advertising which allows us to target age group and state (and cities, for U.S. House races)

If you want to help promote this site in a state with a close Senate or House race, contact us.

Candidates might want to  coordinate the Facebook ad about the national debt, with statement by a candidate about the same subject.

If you are in any kind of group, get us a mention in their newsletter, or send us a email list ; if you can, get us a mention on local talk radio.

Start with the Home Page.

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