The SmartCons Platform

The National Debt

The exploding national debt affects everything about our future, and we have got to deal with it. And we will vote for those most concerned with bringing down the debt.

Pro-Bmillieusiness Environment.

If we want investors to create jobs, we’ve got to let them make money, no matter how “unfair” it seems, or whatever inequality it creates.

It’s a world economy, and if we tax or regulate entrepreneurs too much, there are other places they can go and create jobs.

And we want those good jobs HERE.

Social Security

We don’t like the idea of paying FICA taxes for nothing, and we  know that Social Security must be amended and protected, including delaying our own retirement (later is better than nothing).

Size and Scope of Government.

Government is inherently inefficient, unaccountable, wasteful and corrupt, and the less it does, the less of all those things there will be.


We know that there will always be people that need government help, like children with Down’s Syndrome or adults who really can’t do any kind of work, but we are mindful that some people will work the system to get a free government ride. And, we’re against that.

Social programs ought to be a safety net, not the destination it has become. All such programs should include incentives to get off the public welfare — not get on it.

Health Caremiles 2

Obviously, government has proven itself to be incapable in this arena. States should be individual centers of innovation. And, any reform should control costs (neglected in Obamacare), including the tort reform so opposed by the Trial Lawyers.

Oil and Gas

We are going to use it anyway, and it is silly to import it when we have all we need here.  Opening up federal lands and allowing new refineries would create thousands of new jobs, and provide more revenue to deal with the debt, and keep us out of many foreign entanglements.

The environmental extremists are holding us back in so many ways.

“Drill baby drill” is just plain smart.

Government Regulation

We understand the need for some regulations, but they need to be balanced against the overall impact, including the economic impact. For example, the federal government should  not have cut off water to hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land to save a small fish in Northern California. Seen the price of groceries lately?

Freedom of Speech and Thought.

We believe in the free exchange of ideas, and ask why the left is so hell bent on not letting our voice be heard — they shout down anyone with a conservative voice, that is, if they let them get on the stage at all.

We respect the opinions of others and their freedom to act in accordance with their beliefs.

But we think it is wrong to force people to pay for things they morally oppose through taxes or regulation.

BTW, the less the government does, the less it can violate people’s beliefs.

fem eth pngAbortion

We do not take an official position on the right to an abortion, but we want to clarify that the right to early abortion is not at risk legally, and that the left is lying when they say it is at risk.

We know that restricting abortions is an issue at the state level and not an issue in the U.S. House and Senate, and that issue should not sway our vote in federal elections.

Income Inequality

Let’s be honest about the poor — some want the opportunity to improve their lot (and we want to help them), but others are not so ambitious and many have been provided a lifestyle, courtesy of the public dole.

We are concerned that any proposals to “solve” income equality will just end up giving more to the non-ambitious, giving them even more reason not to work to improve themselves.

For the ambitious poor, a growing economy will provide them more opportunity to get to the middle class. However, high taxes and burdensome regulations deny them that opportunity.

The Minimum Wage

It does not make much sense to have the same minimum wage in expensive big cities as in low cost rural areas, so we think it is more of a state issue. And like we just said, a robust economy is the best vehicle to raise the wages of those who want to work for it.

Alternative Energyemile2

Energy is an important national issue and there is a place for government involvement, but only in developing the raw science.  The government needs to keep its big ugly nose out of the risk of doing actual business.

Clean Air and Water  

We want clean air and water, but that concern must be balanced with our economic survival. Great gains have been made, and our  air and water is cleaner than just 30 years ago. And we are much cleaner than our competitor countries, like China.

It is hard enough competing with low-wage countries, but the proposed stricter coal plant pollution standards will drive even more manufacturing overseas.

Ethical Reform

Appropriate measures should be enacted so that political service ceases to  become a path to riches. Congresspersons should put their money in blind trusts and have no opportunity to profit from knowledge they gain in office.

There should be restrictions on post-Congress employment, so they can not profit from actions and votes they take in office.

There needs to be total transparency and immediate disclosure of all political contributions, particularly when contributions are solicitations are made in conjunction with hearings about regulations (no more Extortion).

Get Down with our Struggle3